Continental Food Market - Day 1

It was a sunny day in Belfast City. Everyone was out in the park having picnic and barbecue, sunning themselves while my fat-self went to the Continental Market in town.

There were a lot of food selections from freshly baked French Bread to Kangaroo Burgers to Sausages and Sweets. There were too much to choice from and my heart is just pumping blood with excitements!

It was lunch time when we got there and I was kinda hungry. The chicken seafood paella caught my eyes but too bad the dish was not yet ready and we had to wait for 10-15mins or so.

I walked about the place and found this Greek Booth selling Gyros.

I always wanted to try this thing. I know a friend who loves Gyros so much that makes me want to try. So here goes...
Greek Gyros
It was lovely! Oh so nice!

The French Market Baker

I was too full to try the other by the time I finished my Gyros. I promised myself to be back the next day to try Dutch Waffles and Pancakes! And and their cheeeses OMG!! Oh and the custard slice from the French Market Baker. 

Im gonna be so fat.

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