Continental Food Market - Day 2

Promises are not made to be broken! I went back to the Continental Market to try Dutch Pancakes as promised.

I was surprised to see how they make it. First thing I thought about was TAKOYAKI. Mini round pancakes. Interesting!

You can choose from small or large portion. Small- you can get for £4 and £6 for the large one. And it comes with 2 free toppings of your choice.

Strawberry Sauce + Toffee
Chocolate + Cinnamon
Golden Syrup +  Butter
Dutch Syrup + Cream
Maple syrup + Nutella

You can also get Alcoholic Toppings for additional £0.50.

This is what I had. Small portion with Maple Syrup and Nutella and some icing sugar. It was actually good, its a little crispy on the outside and soft in the inside. I love it!

Apart from the small potion of Dutch Pancakes, I also had Chicken Seafood Paella. I don't have a picture it though. It was already lunch time and I was starving got no time for some pics.

For drinks I had Strawberry Sangrias. I didn't know what this drink is called until saw some girls in the next table drinking this very fresh looking strawberry beverage! And I told myself I need to get that! That might be a Strawberry Daiquiri, right? I was not sure.

So I went to the bar, there was a queue. I heard one girl a bit tippsy saying "Can i have a refill of my Strawberry Sangrias, please?".

Thank goodness for this woman. If not for her I wouldn't got it and i might have had Strawberry Daiquiri.

We went to the shops after stuffing ourselves. And before we head home it was roasting hot so we decided to drop by the market again and get some refreshments.

This one looks like it came from the movie Trolls.

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