1.  I should enjoy the weekend. Im going to Anawangin dash Nagsasa dash Capones Island with S and friends. Yey! Well, not really a 'Yey' thing, im not really excited for reason i dont remember and unimportant and unnecessary. Am I still  making sense?

2. Today is not a good day. A few hours ago, yeah but now it's kinda IDK feeling. Maybe i was just too lazy to do anything (Im on shift btw. heh)

3. The boyfriend has this anguish feeling of not getting promoted this year and I am affected, OFKURZ. He has to be promoted otherwise our bebes would be starving.

4. I need to blog more about the most handsome, the unpredictable, the sexiest , the most wonderful and awesome bebe, AKA the boyfriend. And our bebes.

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