Anawangin and Capones: A Summer Getaway

So I am late again for blogging about my trip to Zambales. I spent two days and one night in a place devoid of any necessities (and what more, conveniences) offered by the modern world. It was my first time going on a camping type getaway. And if there's anything I learned about this weekend, it's that surviving in the wilderness on a remote island (with no electricity, no cellular connection, no cold drinks, no bed, no blog, no facebook, no instagraaaaam!) I had to save two pictures for my 365project just because i cant upload them. And yes I am not complaining.

We arrived in Pundaquit mid-afternoon. The boat rides and the barbaric Olongapo heat woke me up. I was on night shift, I took a nap and woke up half an hour before our designated meeting time. I’m good at being responsible. Despite being "early" we still consumed too much time waiting for the boylet of May before we left Manila. That guy acted like a VIP, being late for two hours. Oh boy.

Our first Stop: Capones! The island is small and looooooo-vely. White sand, amazing view, some rock formations and clear blue sea water.

With them girlz. From left that's Myka, Lorraine, Enzo, Boss CPA (i forgot his name), Me, Sheila, S, May and Gian. I love the bangkero who took this photo. Guess why. Clue: He erased two faces. LOL
This is one of my favorite shots.
Lover said i have a big tummy in this photo. Hell no! The correct answer is Yes, I covered it with the polo.

After spending sometime in the water and sunning ourselves, we headed our way to our second and final stop: Anawangin.

Anawangin Cove is beautiful. The landscape is amazing: mountains, beach, pine trees, a river, a lake, foliage, and the clearest moonlit night sky. It all sounds cheesy until you get there, so shut up.

Unfortunately, everyone had the brilliant idea of going there the same weekend as us. The place was substantially peopled, much to our annoyance (because we’re greedy and we don’t particularly like showering in front of an ogling male crowd or sharing toilets with a hundred strangers), but it was an all right crowd. I guess. It’s not like we had a choice.
This is not ours, it's the neighbors tents. Pretty eh?

And that's me pretending to read fifty shades of Grey. S bought that book really just to take this shot. LOL

skills? WE HAV ‘EM

A lot of drinking and passing out occurs the first night. I, myself, finally passed out on a bench some time after the fifth bottle of the cheap brandy. I woke up, wet and freezing (still wearing the two piece with the cover up) not wondering where everyone else went and moved to my tent.

I was miraculously not hungover the next day.

Plans to hike the mountains were unsuccessful. It's nearing noon and the sun was unbearable. We hit the river instead. I like the river a lot, the trees and the mountain is just perfect. Not enough water to swim, though.
Here's a photo of S and Sheila. Not a very good photo, framing is good for me but subject is dark but i still like it.

After some useless photos, we headed back the beach to hang out and to find 'em boyz. The weather was nice.
Not the beach obviously. Made me feel like Christmas time.

We met these cool people on the hot shore of Anawangin. We shared stories over three cases of Red Horse and wished we've met the very first night in the Island.

Tadaaaah! And that's my Bestfriend hooking up with Jeff having some FAKWAN. LOL

I end my vacation with a HUGE smile. Probably because this is the first out of town this year.
Had a little regret of not going to Nagsasa Cove. It's prettier there I heard. Maybe next time.