How i spent the first hour of my Birthday

The short version: Took a photo.
The long version:
I slept early the night before my birthday, when i woke up i got 5 missed calls from unknown number and about 10 birthday greetings. Like any other passed birthdays, i tend to forget that this one is a special day. I was slightly grumbling about having to work but since i had no plans I'd rather stay in the office and hear my office mates clapping their hands while shouting "pizza! pizza!" (It is very common. Believe me).
BB Photo Dump

I found these on my office table. I was expecting something like this. But thank you, whoever you are.

So I spent the day chatting with random people on Facebook, replying to birthday tweets, thinking about my age, thinking about the rest of my life, thinking about ice cream, thinking about cake, googling about senior citizen life insurance, and thinking where to get wasted.

Forgive me if i will not blog about what happened after shift. It's a story of shame.
Here are some pictures thanks to Eve.

Happy birthday to me. I hope you guys have a good day or night. Tell the universe Kim demanded it so.

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