So i am turning 23 tomorrow and I am feeling… the age.
Someone asked me "How old are you?" I answered and then she chided "When i was 23, i already had my first child."

I am old enough to have a baby this year.

("Uh-oh," my friend goes.)

I must admit: It’s a little frightening. For reasons I no longer remember that are too stupid and embarrassing to share. These are the unimportant things that send me into little fits of internal panic. How very unnecessary.

Now as much as I would like to expound on this fear and talk about my feelings! my emotions! mah h0pez & mah dreamz!, I’d rather take the ditzy route and list down a bunch of crap I feel I would need “to give meaning to my 23 years of existence”

The list (23 for 23):
1. Leica
2. Nikkor AF-S 500mm f/4G
3. A dog
4. Two or three (or more!) new pairs of shoes
5. Gummy bears
6. Mac Book
7. Car
8. Flowers
9. Chocolates and Cake!
10. Comforter
11. Kero Keropi
12. Long straight wig
13. Photo Studio
14. Plane ticket to Hongkong
15. Kitchen Showcase
16. Second Job
17. All songs of Maroon 5 in my ipad
18. BB cream
19. Fake lashes
20. BIG closet
21. Contact lenses in all shades
22. Collar necklace
23. My Johnloyd

Next year, I propose that I drink every day for the entire month of November.