Snaps from the North Part 1: Vigan Ilocos Sur

I am three days late from blogging about my trip to Ilocos. Forgive me readers (if i have. lolz) Well, well well im pretty sure the boyfriend reads my blog and i thank him for being my number 1 f♥n. The truth is i was busy sleeping. For good 3 days i finally get enough sleep. I've missed my bed. :)

Lets get it started!

We left Manila around 8pm and arrived in Laoag at 9. It was a short flight. The initial plan was to get a bus to pagudpud but we were late because the last trip was 9pm and we will have to travel 15-30 minutes from Laoag International Airport to the bus station. Instead of spending the night in Laoag we headed to Vigan. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait for Partas bus to leave because we were the last passengers thus getting the back seat. For Php165, uncomfortably freezing and shaking we arrived in Vigan at 11 pm. Internet is right, it was 2 hours bus ride, damn longer than our flight.

I had very little knowledge of Vigan prior to this trip; all I knew was that it was going to be fun and that there were these old houses I had to see.
Calle Crisologo at 11 something PM. Scary right?

Vigan is/was incredible! These houses felt like i were back from the late 16th century. The time when the Spaniards ruled the country, brought the Christian religion and were responsible for  a lot of colonial and religious buildings throughout the country.

Except from traveling, photography and blogging i am also fond of history. This is why i loved this place. Amazing place! It was good to know that the government of Ilocos had this place preserved.
Horse drawn carriage AKA kalesa
Legacy superclub

Believe it or not it was my first time riding kalesa. :) It was....shaky and we were consistently moving. What do i expect? Lols

I have always preferred going to the beach for vacations but I think I’m going to have to change the way I do things now that I’ve been to Vigan.

Pictures! Here and here and here and under the cut!
The Bell Tower

Beautiful, right?

Just Perfect