Boracay Days 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Beach The Clubs and The Beach.

Day 1.

It wasn't raining when we arrived in Kalibo Friday night but it had started to drizzle when we were in the road heading to Caticlan Port where the boat was waiting for us to take us to the island they call Boracay. (I did not take note of how long the ride was but it’s pretty far from Kalibo International Airport).
It was raining pretty hard when we arrived in our Hotel. After checking in and settling in, we headed to The Sandbar just a few steps from our hotel. We ordered a cocktail (i forgot the name sound like Mango something).

The mango something :) heh

The place is nice they have couch and not the normal chair you'll find in some clubs. They have sexy fire dancers. Oh man! I wish i know how to do fire dancing.
not this one


We were tipsy and the rain had gotten considerably stronger but that didn’t keep us from heading to Club Paraw. Its a club literary in front of the beach. The place was crowded when we got there, it was probably 1 or 2am. We ordered the glowing Vodka Tonic.We got drunk and on our way to our hotel we stripped and skinny dipping in the dark. FUN.

Day 2. Casa Fiesta

For 1500 a night, our room has a king-sized bed, air-conditioning, mini refrigerator, wifi connection, a balcony, our own bathroom, but not enough lights (it was pretty dim which I hated). It has a TV with perfect connection. We woke up around 11am, had Buffet lunch in Astoria Hotel and decided to get a henna tattoo.
CASA FIESTA. On the left side is our balcony

The color made me hungry for a photo
It wasn't raining Saturday afternoon but it wasn't sunny either. Plans to hit the beaches was successful thank God the rain has stopped pouring. We snapped some photos before drowning ourselves in the waves. I wasnt able to get good photos because it was really cloudy.

Ross and meh

not bad.

I had just turned on the shower when the rain started pouring again and all I could do was groan in agony… mostly because the water was cold.But again it didn’t keep us from partying. We walked from the hotel to station 1, we found a club named Coco Mangas it was damn hot and stinky inside so after a bottle of redhorse we hit Guillys Island Boracay and there we partied. We finished one bottle of tequila. Man, for 2 people finishing the whole bottle, it got us crazy. drunk. intoxicated. dancing on the floor like theres  no tomorrow. We met some local people, one is Rence (spanish -filipino) who lives and work in Boracay he walked us around the place. I dont know what part of Boracay is that but its pretty amazing. I was sober when we got to the place i remember we entered in some kinda cave that has a small beach on the other side. It was dark and what we did was skinny dipping. LOL

 Day 3.

On the third day we woke up late again. Jumped off the bed and nursed a hangover. Tequila has a bad hangover (one of my favorite drinks tho).  Because we knew that we wouldn't have much time we headed to D Mall to buy our pasalubongs.

 Not the best photo but I was starving and there was beef stake right in front of me. Can you blame me?! This was DERISHUS~!!!
I like this one. Cool! Dried Starfish.

We went back to our hotel and had a couple of hours (which we spent drinking rootbeer and Tweeting lol) before heading to the beach for the sunset. Unfortunately, there was no sunset because the rain poured again.

Day 4.

The day has finally arrived. Its time to leave. We woke up early to spend the last day at the beach. We enjoyed the Helmet diving and para-sailing.

I wanted to stay but i have no choice. Bulk of emails and work are waiting for me in Manila. I should say Boracay indeed is one of the best places here in the Philippines. I am planning to go back this November. My Birthday month. You wanna go?

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  1. where can you go skinny dipping there? station 1?