And I Will Love You..

I will love you as best I know how. Always when the sunlight blinds us in the morning with rays so bright we have to wear all our imperfections.
I will love you wrapped up in the couch, watching HBO movies, History channel and reruns of shows we don’t care about.

I will love you in the smallest of moments, when we fall effortlessly to sleep. I will love you because of your creations, you have meaning far greater than I ever thought possible. I will love you when you show me your vulnerabilities. When we both fight and realize we are just humans.

I will love you when everything seems like an effort. When the world seems against us and all we have are hands. I will love you when it seems like there is nothing left. When life throws us curve balls and the sunrise feels impossibly gone. On the nights when we huddle for warmth and laugh between the pillows.

I will love every part of you, as best I know how.

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