Dear Diary

I don't know what made me write today. And i don't know how to start so id probably write anything thats on my mind and maybe later on ill find my way to a nice and pleasing entry.

It all started with one word, one word that always change my mood. For the past couple of weeks i was greatly happy and loved. The feeling of belonging, of being wanted and needed. I felt whole again. Until tonight, her name echoed in the room over dinner, oh please not again.

Its hard to move on, because I'm fighting against his past and not mine which i cant control. What hurts me time and again is that knowing i was the first one, it was me but he choose not to pursue me and continue with her.

Im still human, i can feel the pain. The fear of losing the one i wanted, the one I loved the most. The one that brought me so much joy.

When you realized that you got over the drama, hold on to it. I know I am okay now. I took his advice, not to look back, that what matter is now. Me and him. I trust him but maybe I should learn to add a little bit more. It will always the fear that holds that scoop of trust in me. Until that one move. One last move.

I love you, dearest. Ill always remember your words "there maybe bumbs along the way but we're certainly going there."
And please always remember too that you are my now, my present and im looking forward to being with you til the end of eternity, i mean forever.

Profoundly happy kitty.

PS: Im a little grateful about you being jealous. Hihi. You look cute bebe.

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