What Is There To Look For?

"Oh damn! Where's my wallet? I think I placed it in my closet....ta...ta..ta...la...la...la...la... Well, it's not there! I should find it elsewhere then."  When I was just getting pissed, since I couldn't think of where my wallet is, I jumped into my bed, leaned my back against the wall  and fell asleep hoping I could recall where it is. And when I wake up, it must be somewhere in the room, though.

What is there in my wallet to look for? Well, a lot stuffs are there just like perhaps the same stuffs you keep in your own. My identification cards, ATM cards, and mostly the face that makes my day :)) Never mind the money in there, for I have plenty and countless hahaha! But why should I look for it when I know they are replaceable? Simple, the value or worth of having it is beyond material.. it is sentimental. Got it? So, I woke up after an hour, slid my feet to reach some pair of slippers underneath my bed, then kicked something below. Curiously, I bended to see what was that, It was my wallet! Great job! Happy, happy I was!!! Thereafter, I told myself to be mindful next time.

My story doesn't end there yet. I realized that what is there to look for in this life is very broad statement, and there are few things I can respond about this question making it more specific for everyone to easily understand what I mean. But don't be too overwhelmed..just relax and enjoy this one, ayt?

"Achievement".. Something that one has accomplished with all efforts and skill, and if he/she gets lucky, gets recognized for the hard work. Most people get contented after accomplishing one challenge while some are not. Some are greedy of success, while others are well complacent being the average. So either any of which, we aren't excused from the question. We may ignore the answer for now, yet hell no way you can escape from the question because one or the other is who we are.
The better question is "what do you expect yourself to do after this achievement?"

"Contentment".. This is the state of being satisfied for what you have. It is very unnatural and unbelievable for someone to say that he is contented of who he/she is and what he/she has. Reality check:  We are always one step head of ourselves. We think of tomorrow while we are living today. We are scared, or if not, worried that is why we work hard to create visions of our future. You are not human if you deny this truth in any form :)

"Happiness".. The emotional state of being happy associated with pleasure, joy and contentment. What is there to look for when you are happy? I say, "eternal happiness." I know I am happy and smiling, but I also know that I can't be happy at all times. We don't have one emotion alone, but it is always our choice to be happy. Question is, can we all endure pain and mange to smile while getting severely hurt?

What is there really to look forward to when you are already successful, rich and famous, and happy?
Remember, we always want "MORE."

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