My Share Of Love :)

I am confronted by a very complicated and subtle idea in which I always get defeated called love. Whoever created the word is not very sure enough of its exact meaning. See? I bet you are also surrounded by the mysteries of this word. My goodness! This is defined according to experience, and oftentimes, re-defined by age. And generally, most especially for teenagers, they'd say love is a great feeling always associated with hugs and kisses. Shallow minded, inexperienced people are doomed to cry when they see the other side of being in love. So beware.

Having been in love since then is a great walk of experience for me. I have seen the joy and pains within its circle, but more importantly, it has contributed much in making me grow maturely apart from what I learned from school. My partner, whom I am greatly in love with, is what I call love. Undoubtedly, my life has been so dependent for what we share together. Though, I know it isn't perfect, yet it is the best. We learn from each other so much, view love in a constructive way rather than seeing it as just there for us to hug and kiss, cuddle and roll, and in the end..World or word war!!! Well kissing and cuddling, hugging, and rolling we do..can't deny that. It is expected and obvious...word war? hmmmm..sometimes.. but we manage to avoid it.
Oh, what's more besides intimacy? aaaahhhh... don't.... wanna...go....further:) Be responsible and make your love grow!!!

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