Random thoughts again

The rain keeps pouring, and we are confronted with two choices : feel good or bad just as when we are in loved with whomsoever there is to be in loved with. The feeling of love and the act of loving may either make or break us, and it's a matter of choice and decision whether or not to let ourselves be drowned to its mysterious nature. Most of us regret when we end a relationship as a failure and reason out to our best, that we could have done something better to save the relationship, so we could avoid pain and guilt. But that could have been a choice, yet we only ignored it or perhaps did not see. I have been trying to gather my thoughts, thinking the reasons of not having a perfect relationship. Then i figured out that people are imperfect and they can never be no matter how they want it which same as to any relationship they have with someone. Expect some flaws, imperfections etc. Though we strive hard, and that's what matters. There must've been no reasons of feeling hurt... Only if we know how to constantly accept.

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